Symptoms of Yin imbalances

If your manifestations don't seem to be working, there's a chance you could have an imbalance of energy, or 'Qi'. In Chinese philosophy, imbalances are seen as blockages or disruptions to the natural flow. Abundance happens when things are in balance because the Qi is able to flow freely and easily.

When there is an imbalance, the flow of Qi is disrupted, leading to dis-ease in mind, body, spirit. An imbalance you will cause you to experience weak health, poor relationships and a general lack of stability.

Excessive Yin Energy

When there is too much Yin in your natal chart or by transit, it means there is an excess of qualities associated with Yin. Excessive Yin can be seen where the body is too cold, or the person displaying lethargic behaviour and shows signs of anxiety and apathy.

Excessive Yin energy expresses as:

  • cold body temperature (can never get warm)
  • sluggish
  • low energy
  • lethargic and foggy
  • oversleeping
  • lacking motivation
  • over-consuming
  • weight gain
  • apathy
  • isolating behaviours
  • guilt-ridden
  • judging and over-critical
  • lacking confidence
Deficient Yin Energy

When there is a deficiency of Yin energy, it means there is not enough Yin in your natal chart or by transit to balance out the Yang Energy. Therefore deficiencies in Yin can also be seen as Excessive Yang Energy.