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Articles that explore the intersection between Astrology, Personal Banding and Marketing.

12 Zodiac Signs in Astrology

Using your natal chart to see which zodiac sign each of your planets sits, you can start to build a strong brand personality that feels both distinct and authentic to you and your story. So for example, Aries is a fiery, cardinal sign known for its pioneering spirit, as compared to the earthy, mutable sign of Virgo, who gravitates towards meticulous attention to detail.

What is Yin and Yang?

It's impossible to talk about Yin Yang without talking about the idea of 'balance'. Harmony through balance is the central tenet of Chinese philosophy on which health, wellbeing and life is based. Yin Yang in Chinese philosophy is a foundational concept based on dualism.

12 Houses in Astrology

Your natal house placements can show you different ways to express yourself and your story so that you can build an authentic personal brand. The 1st house represents your image and how you present yourself. The 2nd house shows your relationship with money and you offer value to others. The 3rd house is key in personal branding, representing our communication and messaging to others.