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Hi, I'm Wei.

Business Strategist | Tech Executive | Astrologer to CEOs
I spent most of my twenties and early thirties scaling multi-million dollar businesses. During that time I’ve witnessed again and again how much entrepreneurship is actually a deeply spiritual journey.

As an executive leader I realised the most important value I bring to  CEOs and cofounders was not just my strategic business acumen but more so my perceptiveness of people and their motivations. The most valuable skill across any business is being able to make people feel truly seen, supported and empowered to succeed.

Though I’ve yet to share this in a board meeting, I attribute most of my understanding of the human condition to many closeted years of study metaphysics, especially Western and Chinese Astrology. Recently it’s been my personal desire to start sharing some of what I’ve learnt in both business and metaphysics to support communities and projects that I am passionate about. I've made it my mission to offer support and guidance to more women-led businesses.

If the message finds you ready to create a life that's aligned, magnetic, and abundant then I invite you to join me on this journey.

manifesting through inner balance

Want to live a rich girl life? Start by cultivating a harmonious life of inner balance from the Spiritual and the Material.
Soul Alignment
Everything metaphysical
Soul alignment is so important if you are currently seeking your Purpose. Spirituality is about finding out who you are and what lights you up. Use a range of metaphysical tools like Chinese Astrology, Tarot, Human Design etc to access your unique spiritual blueprint. Discover you and take control of life you are meant to live.
Soul Alignment
Material Abundance
Everything practical
Material abundance starts with practical steps and achievable goals. Once you know who you are and what you want, you'll need actionable steps to bring your vision into reality. A practical guide including goal-setting, tech how-to guides and tips to all the tools you need to build the life of your dreams. Let's make it happen!
Material Abundance

The Magic will happen when
you Feel Free to
be uniquely,

Honour Your Authentic Expression

Find your True Purpose & explore Spirituality in a modern day world

Manifest your dream life filled with Joy & Abundance